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Product Name: UniCam720 Panoramic Camera

Model: C001


UniCam7200 Panoramic Camera
Ultra Wide Vision, Frame the Whole World
7 Core Technologies
Strong core Cortex-A7 + DSP, capturing every tinge of subtle changes, and mobilizing 7 major ISP(image signal processing) mechanisms, to take clearer photos
1. digital vibration reduction
2. Defective pixel correction
3. Highlight compensation
4. Backlight compensation
5. Image noise removal
6. Automatic focus
7. Lens distortion correction
WIFI mode
With unicam7200 WIFI mode, you can check and monitor your house remotely by APP, using your finger to slide the APP screen, 7200 panoramic view will be in your eyes.
Human/Animal detection
When you are outside, you will also open the human shape/animal/car motion detection, which will catch the pictures and push pictures to the APP
Long stand-by
You do not need to worry about the battery problem during you use unicam7200 outside. It has 1900mAh which can take video for 150min or stand by 75 hours.
With storage to keep every moment
128G local storage, for eternally keeping every wonderful moment
Capable for 60000 pictures or 1000 minute video
3 Picture Modes
1. Fish eye
2. Panoramic
3. Asteroid
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