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What can we do ?
1. OEM service. Customers select suitable products in our product catalog and provide OEM service on the basis of existing products.
2, ODM services, provide product design, pcba development according to customer's product design, software development, shell mold development, as well as the peripheral device accessories validation confirmation, finished product delivery.If the customer only has the idea of the product or the specific requirements of the product, we will develop and verify the product to the production delivery according to the creativity and requirements of customer.
How do we do that?
Confirm for customer’s product demand and specific technical specifications, feasibility review and realize the scheme, determine the commerce clause with customer and pay the development fee deposit - ID design confirmation - MD design - stacking design confirmation - PCB schematic design, PCB Layout design validation, PCBA production - recognition, standard, software development, hardware's prototype function debugging test - structure mold cast mould -- T0 prototype review of validation, mould and relative device modification, small batch trial-production - machine testing and certification, product, quality inspection, product delivery.
Why choose us?
1. We have rich experience in product customization development
Since our company was founded in 2006 dedicated to overseas customers with product development, shell plastic mold development, main control system development, and production assembly delivery of products, more than 50 products customization development experience.
2, We have product customization development platform and related resources, our company product design research and development department, mold design and manufacturing, product testing verification department, finished products production assembly department and relevant departments and production equipment.
3, Fully integrated upstream and downstream industry resources, we have a batch of strategic cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises supply our product research and development, production, and can solve problem better, satisfy customer needs, providing customers with a full range of quality services.As long as customers provide the demand to our company, we can finish the whole resources integration, to provide customers products and services, customers don't need to take the time to integrate resources, do not need to waste any more time to find the matching suppliers, can devote in the market development and service.