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1. We are a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of mobile phones and smart terminal devices.
2.We have experienced R&D team and complete mobile phones and smart terminal device research&development, production resources, powerful supply chain with excellent integration of industry resources, we own an advantageous industrial chain.
3. We can carry out smart phones ODM and smart terminal devices according to customers' requirements, and produce customized products for clients.
4, Our products including 3G smart phones, 4G smart phones, as well as 3G and 4G smart phones based on smart home control system development , 3G walkie-talkie mobile phone, 4G walkie-talkie Rugged smart phone, 4G DTV with walkie-talkie smart phone, IP - 68 smart phones, 720 degree smart cameras products.
5. We keep the property right and technology patent of the customized and developed products for our customers.
6. With the popularity of 4G communication network and the rise of the 5G smart phones and smart terminal device goes deeper into the human production and living, industry application of smart phones and smart terminal device requirements will be bigger and bigger, we will devote more energy to grow with the our clients, provide higher quality products and services for customers.