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      We have all kinds of 2G function mobile phone products, which are the popular 2G function mobile phones in the market at present. These products all use the same main board, it's not only give the mobile phone a competitive advantage in cost, but also guarantee the stability of the quality of mobile phone products. and it's very convenient for customers to do the after-sale service. We mainly provide OEM service for various countries' mobile phone brands, and customers choose customized services according to their own market and users' needs. We make the development and customization of mobile phone software according to the requirements of the customer, draw a design of the color, appearance, technology and packaging design, and send the sample to the customer for confirmation. After the sample is signed, we produce the product according to the sample signed by the customer and deliver the whole machine to the customer.
      If the configuration and appearance style of our existing 2G function phones cannot meet the needs of the customer market, we can work with the customer to develop product configuration function and design appearance technology according to the market demand. To create the products which customers can sell well in the local market products, to achieve win-win cooperation.