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    Product Name: LED Wireless Charger Cosmetic Mirror

    Model: P014


    LED Wireless Charger Cosmetic Mirror

    The future is infinitely possible


    Wireless charging, as a gradually popular charging solution, is adopted by more and more intelligent devices.


    We adopt novel design of a new wireless charging.


    Mobile phone holder wireless charging +LED cosmetic mirror.


    LED uniform soft light, natural beauty make-up.


    * 6000-6500k color temperature


    * Simulation of natural lighting


    * Comfortable without hurting eyes


    * Make-up natural beauty

    LED cosmetic mirror function, real facial color, make you beautiful every day!

    Mirror edge, smooth silica gel material,
    hand feeling is very great!

    Multi-protocol quick charging, intelligent identification, 2.5D glass panel, silica gel material.

    Five - level dimming, intelligent touch switch


    Adapt make-up to different environments


    Support WPC Qi1.2 wireless charging protocol, compatible with Samsung 10W wireless charging and iPHONE 7.5W wireless charging. Up to 80% of the system transmission efficiency, good compatibility, support Ti, IDTPANASONIC and other receivers.

    Multiple protection, safety guarantee
    Multiple safety protection measures such as temperature protection and input overvoltage protection are adopted to guarantee the safety of equipment during charging

    Mirror and wireless charger two became one, more convenient !

    Start your journey to beauty now !