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    Product Name: Head up displayer

    Model: M9


    This is a head up display developed by jiemei group, mainly for safe driving. Give the car owners more convenience, this car dedicated head up display have has a variety of displays: driving speed, speed, water temperature, voltage, travel, etc., as well as a variety of reminders: overspeed alarm, gear alarm, water temperature alarm, too low voltage alarm and other functions.And can adjust the brightness automatically through the  sensitization.
    It will bring more comfortable driving experience to those  car owners, and increase insurance for driving safety!
    You can choose our existing products. If you have special needs, you can also propose the requirements of your products. We can customize the development for you.


    Model No. M9
    System OBD2
    Major function Display information:running speed, engine speed, water temperature,
    Voltage instantaneous fuel consumption,Average fuel consumption,
    Mileage measurement (Single drive distance and single drive time,
    Manual/automatic brightness adjustment,convert Km to mile)
    Warning: overspeed warning, gearshift warning, fatigue driving warning,
    UVP warning, too high water temperature warning,Engine failure warning,
    eliminate fault code.
    Features: equipped with reflector, the information displayed can be reflected on the
     reflector, which is more clear under direct sunlight.
    Accessories  1*Head up displayer
    1*OBD wire
    1*Non-slip mat
    1*Reflective film
    1*user manual
    Display size 5.5 Inch
    Product size 125mmx75mmx15mm
    Bare machine weight 115g
    Box size 17cmx13cmx4.5cm
    One product packaging weight 280g
    Cartons 50pcs
    Carton Size 68cmx23cmx36cm
    Net weight 14 kg
    Gross Weight 14.61 kg