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What Product we can do?
Published: 2018-06-21 14:33:34  Views: 202

Types that we can provide Customization

1, Personalized smart phones, according to the customer demands and application of basic increase should be based on the smart phone platform such as intercom chip, digital TV chip, health management chip, RFID chips, NFC chip, internet chips that meet the demand of special groups, and special industry of smart phone.

2, Personalized feature phone products, mobile platform based on common function, add  GPS, sensor chip implementation of the safety for old person or child care, and emergency call for help, also other functions of mobile phones.

3. Develop vehicle anti-theft and pet anti-loss monitoring products based on mobile communication data and GPS positioning system.

4. Portable antenna router based on 3G and 4G communication.

5. Smart TV box

6. Intelligent home control system.

7. Smart camera and panoramic camera.

8. Various industrial controller automation products based on various applications developed by android system

9. Mold design, development and production of plastic shell parts for various automobile, household appliances, medical equipment, digital equipment and other products,as well as injection molding products production.

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